Used Children’s Books Offer Learning and Enjoyment Without the Big Price Tag

Anyone who is an avid reader knows that new books are expensive, even those for smaller children. Used children’s books make it easy to afford books for your children, without spending more than your budget will allow. We all want our kids to enjoy reading; after all, that is how they learn and develop an active imagination. Unfortunately, the prices of books today make it nearly impossible for you to buy books for your child on a regular basis, so that they can continue to enjoy stories and further their development. Used children’s books are the ideal solution if your child or children love reading, but your pocketbook isn’t deep enough to feed their need to read.

Where can you buy used children’s books?

Online and off, there are numerous places you can find books at affordable prices. Rarely do people purchase books and throw them away, so there are older books to be found nearly anywhere you could imagine. Online, you can find many used copies at websites such as, Barnes and Noble and other sites that sell used books. Auction sites such as eBay, and even classified ad sites such as Craigslist are good places to look when in search of used children’s books.

Offline, there are a multitude of places where you will easily locate children’s books that are not new, but in good condition. Garage sales, used book stores, even some consignment shops that carry children’s clothing will carry used books. Also consider schools if you are looking for scholastic type books, or even sales of children’s books that are purely for enjoyment. There are even bookstores that offer book exchanges, where you can take in the books your children have already read and exchange them for other used books at very inexpensive prices.

When is the best time to buy used children’s books?

Like most other goods, a good time to buy is after the holidays. Many merchants offer big discounts on the items they sell immediately after Christmas; at that time, many people have spent more money than they should have and will be tightening down on their budgets for several months.

When you visit in search of good books for your children to read, you will notice that you are also offered prices by other booksellers on the same book, only in used condition. Your children really do not care if the outside of the book looks shiny and new, they just want to learn and entertain themselves with a good story!

It’s true, new books have that crisp feel and shiny new paperback or hard cover, but isn’t the point of having a book to read what’s inside? Many people find it an enjoyable hobby to collect old books, and having a huge collection of books with that old, worn look can add charm to your home. There are many reasons to choose used children’s books, but the biggest reason of all is saving money while encouraging your children to read all they like. By buying used books, think of how many more books you will be able to provide your children with so that they can expand their knowledge and develop their reading skills!

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