Biscuit, the Little Yellow Puppy that Helps Young Children Learn to Read!

100_8817The author of the Biscuit series, Alyssa Satin Capucilli, knows exactly what content to put in the Biscuit books that the young child will enjoy. After all, what entices a 4-7 year old to read, more than an adventurous little yellow puppy named Biscuit?

The Biscuit books have basic words and lots of pictures. There is a lot of repetition which helps children learn and remember the new word. The content of each book goes along with the child’s day to day activities and social situations, such as taking a bath, going to bed, and going to the doctor.

Your child or your students will learn fast and will enjoy each new adventure, so be sure you have a good selection of Biscuit books in your home library or your kindergarten or 1st grade classroom library if you are a teacher. Children’s books are expensive so you could buy used children’s books on eBay or from garage sales and your child or students will be able to read them over and over as little children love to do.

Finds a Friend
Happy Birthday
Valentine’s Day
Time to Paint
Day at the Beach
New Trick
Merry Christmas
Earth Day Celebration
And the Little Pup
Goes to School
Hello Biscuit
Visits the Petting Zoo
Wants to Play
Wins a Prize
Meets the Class Pet
Big Friend
Takes a Walk
Lost Teddy Bear
MInd Your Manners
Visits the Big City
Visits the Farm
100th Day of School

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    • Pat on July 21, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    Great for the very earliest reader! Purchase from Patso330 or gmas7readers on eBay!

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