Mummies in the Morning, book #3 in The Magic Tree House Series

Mummies in the MorningMummies in the Morning (Secret of the Pyramid in the U.K.), is the third book in the Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne. Boys and girls about 6-9 years old will enjoy this book of fantasy and adventure.

Jack and Annie have returned from their last adventure when they hear a strange sound coming from the tree house, which Jack believes to be a coughing noise. Being curious, they wonder if the sound they hear may be whoever it is who puts all of the wonderful books inside the tree house.


Once Jack and Annie determine that there is no one around the Magic Tree House, Annie pulls out a book about ancient Egypt. Jack flips through to a page of the book marked with a bookmark and the tree house, once again, begins to spin when he points to a picture of a pyramid. From here, the adventure takes off spinning all kinds of fun and wonder for young readers.

In Mummies in the morning, Jack and Annie find they have landed in the desert when the tree house becomes still. Now Jack and Annie become involved in secret codes, decoding hieroglyphs, and other adventures. After the siblings find the queen mummy and discover the Book of the Dead, they return it to Hutepi, Queen of the Nile, so she can travel to the next life after 1,000 years of waiting for someone who would help her find the book and then  return to the Magic Tree House.

The Magic Tree House books offer plenty of adventure and a few surprises along the way, and are highly educational, helping children read while developing active imaginations. Mummies in the Morning offers suspense and intrigue, a “magic” formula found in all of the books depicting the exciting adventures and travels in which Jack and Annie find themselves involved.




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