Buying Used Children’s Books vs new books

Children’s books are the foundation for a lifetime of learning and adventure. Used children’s books, the way to a lifetime of learning and adventure in the least expensive way. You will be getting the same book with the same content as the book purchased retail. Buying used children’s books on eBay is the economical way to achieve the same goal.

Frequently Asked Questions about buying used children’s books

1) Why not just get the book at the library?
Pride of ownership. The library book needs to be returned in a timely manner, but the book that your child owns can be read over and over again. Kids love the familiar wording of a favorite book.

2) Aren’t used children’s books worn out?
When a seller lists used children’s books on eBay, the condition of the book is described. In my experience, children outgrow their books before they are worn out.

3) Now that I have decided to purchase used children’s books, how do I decide which books to buy?
The first thing you should consider when buying children’s books, is the age, grade, and reading ability of the child.

4) When should I begin to buy books for my child?
It’s never too early to read to your child. In fact, there are many great books that could be given as a baby gift. As a grandparent, I can say that reading to a baby or young child is a great bonding experience for both the grandparent and the infant.

5) What kind of books should I purchase for my toddler?
When your toddler is learning new words, it’s time for board books. These are sturdy books that are fairly indestructible. The “touch and feel” books are perfect for the little hands that want to touch everything.

6) My child is in preschool. What kind of books do they enjoy?
The preschool age child likes silly, simple, colorful, repetitive books. Eric Carle’s books are loved by most children. There are many used children’s picture books to choose from on eBay.

7) What kind of books should I buy for the child who is just beginning to show an interest in reading?
A child around age 5 and/or in kindergarten would probably enjoy books with only a few words on each page, with lots of pictures and repetition. There are books with sight words and books that teach phonics. Sometimes these books are called emergent readers.

8) Which books are good for the beginning reader?
When a child reaches first grade until about the end of second grade, they usually enjoy books that still have pictures along with the words. There are many interesting groups of books, such as “An I Can Read Book”, Step into Reading, HelloReader! books, and All Aboard reading. Some of my favorite early readers are: Biscuit the Puppy and Henry and Mudge.

9) How can I keep my elementary student reading for enjoyment?
As your child becomes a fluent reader, the chapter books become a good choice as the author’s begin to write books about specific interests. Some of the popular series of children’s books are: The Magic Tree House, Geronimo Stilton, Junie B. Jones, Bailey School Kids, Goosebumps, Boxcar Children, Encyclopedia Brown, Beverly Cleary (Ramona) books, Judy Blume, Magic School Bus. These are just a few of my favorite series. Of course there are many other great books by interesting authors. A very economical way to buy entire lots of books is to purchase them on eBay.

To summarize, what really matters is that your child develops a love of reading. Provide them with a large assortment of used children’s books so they will have a lifetime of learning and adventures.

Used Children’s Books

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