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Giving books as gifts

It’s time to buy used children’s books!  I have many book sets to choose from in my eBay stores.  You will be able to see all my offers to the right of this article…………..please click “next” to see page after page.  When you click on an item, it will take you to my stores, patso330 …

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Teacher collections

This is a great time to start building your classroom library. There are many collections in my two stores. Check out eBay books from patso330 and gmas7readers.

Mummies in the Morning, book #3 in The Magic Tree House Series

Mummies in the Morning (Secret of the Pyramid in the U.K.), is the third book in the Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne. Boys and girls about 6-9 years old will enjoy this book of fantasy and adventure. Jack and Annie have returned from their last adventure when they hear a strange …

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The Knight At Dawn, book #2 in The Magic Tree House Series

 The Knight at Dawn (The Castle of Mystery in the United Kingdom), is the second book in the Magic Tree House series written by Mary Pope Osborne. This is a children’s chapter book filled with tales of fantasy and adventure. This book is high interest for boys and girls in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd …

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Dinosaurs Before Dark, Book #1 in the Magic Tree House Series

Dinosaurs Before Dark – a Review of a Highly Popular Children’s Book The first of the Magic Tree House series, Dinosaurs Before Dark (titled Valley of the Dinosaurs in the U.K.) is a highly popular children’s book written by Mary Pope Osborne.  The book, Dinosaurs Before Dark, is fun and educational, and helps children learn …

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Magic Tree House Series of Chapter Books

What better place to find books for children who love to read than in the Magic Tree House, which Jack and Annie find is filled with books! This series of chapter books is for the child about age 7-10 and  is in the 2nd and 3rd grade.  There are 28 books in the original series …

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Biscuit, the Little Yellow Puppy that Helps Young Children Learn to Read!

The author of the Biscuit series, Alyssa Satin Capucilli, knows exactly what content to put in the Biscuit books that the young child will enjoy. After all, what entices a 4-7 year old to read, more than an adventurous little yellow puppy named Biscuit? The Biscuit books have basic words and lots of pictures. There …

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How to Help your Child Develop A Love for Books and Bedtime

The first steps to instill a love and respect for books and reading is to read to your child and let them see you read for enjoyment. Make sure you have a good supply of used children’s books in your home library to accomplish this goal. A few hints that might make nap time and …

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Starting your first classroom library with used children’s books

Preparing your first classroom for the arrival of your students is an exciting time in your teaching career. The library is one of the most important segments of your classroom and can also be the most expensive.  If you are like most teachers, there is not a large source of funds to work with, whether …

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Used Children’s Books Offer Learning and Enjoyment Without the Big Price Tag

Anyone who is an avid reader knows that new books are expensive, even those for smaller children. Used children’s books make it easy to afford books for your children, without spending more than your budget will allow. We all want our kids to enjoy reading; after all, that is how they learn and develop an …

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